Street Art: The Veins of Buenos Aires, Argentina

There’s no need to go to a museum to experience art in Buenos Aires – art has been woven into the buildings, the street corners, the lamp posts, and sidewalks. Street art are the veins that pump the blood of life through Buenos Aires. Throughout the city, around every other corner there’s something to behold.

Artists come from all around the world to paint in the streets here. That is because there are almost no restrictions on painting in Buenos Aires, nor on subject matter. Sometimes you’ll find politically charged art, other times you’ll find something playful. Regardless of what it is, it’s imaginative, otherworldly, and priceless.


What is the best way to see street art in Buenos Aires, Argentina?

  • Well, my personal favourite is to walk around and see what I stumble upon. There is such an abundance of street art in Buenos Aires that around any corner you will find something incredible – so you really can’t go wrong.
    • I personally like this approach best because what falls into my path feels more special to me. It’s as if I were supposed to find it – that that piece of art was meant for me in that moment. That’s how I came across all of the above. And now when I look at the photos, I remember the scent of the air, the smell of imminent summer rain, the taste of the alfajor I was eating, and what I felt in the moment I captured these photos. These memories will forever be tied to these works of art, and to me that is invaluable.
  • All you need to know about Buenos Aires street art and tours you can find out here:
  • Another option is take a self guided tour. Find murals you’re wanting to see and simply look up the address and go to them on your own.

Happy traveling!

~ Satine Pyre


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  1. pedrol

    hi 🙂 hope you don´t mind but would like to share with you my post dedicated to the street art inn Buenos Aires, I´m sure you´ll love it 🙂 I really enjoy to discover street art around the world and your post is awesome, it completes mine 🙂 best regards PedroL


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